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Goldman Sachs Reports Down Earnings and Revenue For Q1

Goldman Sachs Reports Down Earnings and Revenue For Q1

Goldman Sachs announced that their quarter one earnings dropped by 10% down to $2.03 billion with a per share value of $4.02. This is compared to $2.26 billion and $4.29 per share for Q1 last year. Total revenue had droppped 8% to $9.33 billion in comparison with $10.09 billion during Q1 last year. Analysts were expecting earnings per share of $3.48 with revenue totaling $8.66 billion. Investment banking revenues had climbed by 13% up to $1.78 billion, up from $1.57 billion one year ago. Fixed income revenues had dropped 11% to $2.85 billion, down from $3.22 billion one year ago. Shares were are up by 1.4% in early trading. IBM IBM shares dare down after company revenue did not meet expectations. Shares are down 4.31% at this time. The company reported Q1 earnin...Read More >

U.S. Industrial Production Data Sends Dollar Up Vs. Yen

U.S. Industrial Production Data Sends Dollar Up Vs. Yen Positive U.S. industrial production data has the dollar increasing this morning. The dollar is up to ¥102.31 from ¥101.89 yesterday. The ICE dollar index dropped to 79.767 and the WSJ Dollar Index is up to 72.97. The Australian dollar has risen to 93.65 from 93.57 yesterday. The USD was last trading at 1.0973 Canadian dollars after trading at 1.0977 yesterday. The euro is also rising, up to $1.3820 from $1.3812 yesterday. The British pound is doing well also, up to $1.6801 from $1.6723 yesterday afternoon. U.S. Stocks U...Read More >

Coca-Cola Stock Rising Despite Down Earnings

Coca-Cola Stock Rising Despite Down Earnings Coca-Cola Co. announced today that its Q1 profits dropped to $1.62 billion, equal to $0.36 per share. This is down from $1.75 billion and $0.39 per share one year ago. Adjusted earnings dropped to $0.44 per share. Analysts were expecting earnings of roughly $0.44 per share with revenue totaling $10.55 billion. The company stated that it is anticipating currency exchange rates to impact operating income by a total of 7% during Q2 and throughout the remainder of the year. The company says that it is expecting to buy back approximately $2.5 to $3....Read More >

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